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The new Sunny Boy high frequency inverters are designed for projects requiring UL certification* and represent the next step in innovative SMA technology. Featuring world-class efficiency, a slim-line enclosure and reduced weight, the Sunny Boy HF series of inverters can be mounted in between wall studs, making it perfect for new construction or space-constrained retrofits. Installation is made simple by automatic grid detection**, field configuration for positive ground modules and a wide input voltage range of 175 to 600 V, which provides exceptional system design flexibility. The modern graphic display and wireless Bluetooth communication system provides a wealth of data in a user-friendly format.


Solar Inverters

The Inverters from SMA - the Heart of every Solar Energy System

Harness the energy of the sun - with a solar inverter from SMA. They convert the direct current generated by the solar module into grid-acceptable alternating current. Thus they form the heart of every solar energy system.

As market leader for solar inverters SMA is setting benchmarks again and again: leading-edge efficiencies of 98% and new technology ensures maximum yields and the highest user convenience.

We offer you the right device for each application: for all module types,for grid-connection and feeding into stand-alone grids,for small house systems and commercial systems in the Megawatt range.



Samil Power Inverters


Samil Power Solar River (SR) series PV grid-tied inverters are string inverters specially designed for PV power station by Samil Power. It consists of 6 power levels, which provide more flexible choices for PV power plants. SR series string inverters have a distinctly modern appearance.

Samil Power inverters have been tested and accredited with international certifications and standards of ISO 9001, CE, TUV, VDE, RD1663, and AS 4777, and all SR models from 1.5KW to 5KW are listed on the CEC approval inverters list. Features

·         Maximum efficiency of 97.6%

·         Wide range of MPPT voltages

·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

·         Plug water proof connector, easy to install and maintain

·         Multi-lingual LCD display, easy for module configuration

·         Modern appearance with high-quality stainless steel frame

·         Reliable protection for over voltage, islanding, short-circuit, overloading and overheating

·         Suitable for any weather conditions

·         Leading warranty of 5 years extendable to 25 years

Inverter Advantages

·         Transformerless design, with higher operation efficiency

·         No need of large-capacity on-grid AC power distribution, lowering AC loss to get more electrical power

Since June 2010, about 40,000 Samil Power (Solar River series) inverters have been installed in Australian homes and businesses. Of these, the failure rate has been an astounding zero while many other systems installed during the same period have simply stopped working. This is no fluke that the Samil inverters keep going. The stainless steel casing is just an example of the lengths Samil go to to provide longevity to their product. Samil are the only manufacturer known that will give a warranty extension to 25 years to back their product. When you look at the components employed, you'll begin to appreciate the difference. All the internal components are sourced from the most prestigious component suppliers from Germany, Switzerland, USA and Japan.


Fronius IG 15 20 30

Maximum flexibility with Fronius IG. The PV inverter family works brilliantly with all solar panels available on the market. The ingenious processor control and a large number of other enhancements makes them into perfect all-rounders. They work reliably and efficiently in every class thanks to Fronius' incredible experience and decades of research and development. The Fronius IG series has proven itself to be powerful, user-friendly and highly reliable. Equipped for every size of PV system, especially for smaller systems (e.g. on the roof of one-family houses). The combination of different types available for selection is limitless. The ingenious processor control combined with the powerful HF transformer extracts the maximum energy yield from all types of modules

Fronius IG PLUS

Maximum earnings. In any weather. The first multi-purpose device. Reliability and maximum earnings security. The generation of Fronius IG Plus inverters is an enhancement to a successful concept. For maximum earnings, security, versatility and the highest reliability. The products are available in power classes from 2.6 to 12 kW and numerous advantages provide consistently high earnings.

Fronius IG TL

Plug in the future. Lock in your yield. Transformerless PV inverter with standard system monitoring. The consistent expansion of a successful family: The Fronius IG TL incorporates all the advantages of a transformerless inverter concept with the high innovation and quality demands of Fronius. Perfect for system sizes ranging from single-family homes up to agricultural or commercial operations. Unique in its class is the standard system monitoring which makes it the most future-proof transformerless inverter providing maximum earnings security.


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